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Who Gets in and Why?

26 August 2020

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Insights from the new book by Prof Jonathan Jansen and Samantha Kriger
What keeps the Western Cape’s elite schools ‘white dominant’ in a country that is overwhelmingly black? How do these schools administer their admissions policies? Why does a post-apartheid government allow ‘white dominant’ schools to exist? 
Join the authors of the new bookWho Gets in and Why? Race, class and aspiration in South Africa's elite schools and our panel of esteemed speakers at this very special Leader’s Angle Series event. Speakers include Bergvliet Primary principal, Brandon Paulse, and Pinelands North Primary principal, Ann Morton. 
Award-winning journalist and presenter Redi Tlhabi will lead the discussion around the patterns of racial segregation in the elite primary schools of one of our country’s ‘whitest’ and wealthiest areas - the southern suburbs of Cape Town.
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Start: 26 August 2020
End: 26 August 2020
University of Stellenbosch Business School

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